My New Blog


Happy New Year

I have started a Blog! I’m new to all this, and don’t know really what I’m going to be talking about. I will try to keep you up-to-date with all my latest news, what i’m painting, who and what my inspirations and aspirations are right now. I’ll let you know about any exhibitions or anything else I think you may find interesting, here in Pembrokeshire and hopefully, from time to time, I may entertain you.

So, just to get started, here’s where I am, currently, as regards my landscape painting. When I say “Landscape” I mean Seascapes and coastal scenes too. I also realise that “Landscape” can cover everything on the outside of your eyes as well as on the inside!  When I was in college we had a lecturer who used to ask us, “What is ‘LANDSCAPE’?” in a very enthused, and meaningful way, in an attempt to get us grappling with our inner selves. To question the very motives for painting and to engage in the intimate processes of creating in the first place! “EH!??” My eighteen year old inner self would say to the back of my eyeballs!…. Anyway, that’s another blog for another time. So this is what I’m thinking about at the moment in terms of my ‘Landscape’ painting.

“The seal of Authenticity” – It’s all about the Moment at the moment! By simplifying my process, limiting my palette and painting outside, I am paring down decisions and eliminating distractions, to focus and be absorbed in the moment. Richard Jefferies, the English nature writer said, ‘The hours when the mind is absorbed by beauty are the only hours when we really live and all else is illusion.’ It is through the simplicity of painting first hand, immersing myself in the landscape and allowing myself to react directly to it, that I hope to bring ‘Spontaneity’ and ‘Freshness’, as the seal of authenticity, to my work. Ultimately, taking more notice, and becoming more absorbed by the world surrounding us. To seek this authenticity, is to ‘seek a simple life and to be aware of it’. Whether inside or outside our eyeballs!