“A Host of Sparrows Commission”

£890.00 £650.00

This is a commissioned ‘Host of Sparrows’. This one is 49 Sparrows and a New Zealand ‘Fantail’, (Bottom right! He was added at the request of the client) but you can request as many sparrows as you require (Although the most I’ve done was 60, which I think is the the limit on this size canvas, it was a challenge fitting them all in, see below) If you would like a ‘Host of sparrows’ for someone special or just a special gift for yourself, whether you want to commemorate an event or birthday or anniversary or just love these little fellas, contact us with how many sparrows you want in the painting and I’ll do the rest. This one is 36″x 36″ and is mixed media/oil on an unframed deep edged canvas. Price includes Packaging, Crate and UK mainland Delivery. Contact us for information on international shipping.

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36″ x 36″

mixed media and oil on canvas