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A Host of Sparrows. These little fellas have become a part of my life in such a way that I could never have imagined. I think they’ll always be there. When I am painting them ( I must have painted hundreds of them), and the studio is quiet, and there’s no one around and it’s just me, busy painting sparrows, I kind of feel a connection with them. I think it’s because they’re true caricatures of us, with their plucky dogged characters, grumpily squabbling one minute and joyously chirruping and hopping about the next. They possess a subtle understated beauty, I don’t think I’ll ever tire of watching sparrows or indeed painting them. Here’s a “host” painted on some reclaimed wooden panels, with fixings on the back, ready to hang. Effecting a simple, understated quality, much like the sparrows themselves, bringing a unique rustic, country feel to any room or hallway.

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35″ x 35″

Oil / Mixed media on Wood