“Shadow and blush” sold

The little bay here is called Pwll LlongĀ  in Welsh, which roughly translates as Ships pool. It is not far from Trefin on the Northern coast of St David’s peninsular, in Pembrokeshire. The setting sun to the west was dramatically casting a shadow of the north facing cliff onto the opposite promontory. The furthest headland is called Castell Coch which translates as Red Castle, There’s an old Iron age fort at the end of the headland, so I wonder if the name was given all those years ago because of the effect of the low evening sun against these red blushing cliffs. This evening, although the sun had been shining was a blustery and cold one. The air flow, coming from the northwest, gave clear skies, scattered with hail and heavy showers, as you can see, a distant squall line, on the horizon, out in the Irish sea.



Oil on canvas

20″ x 24″