St Nicholas Sparrow, 1


The ‘St Nicholas Sparrow’, refers to an exhibition I did in 2017, as part of ‘Art on the faith trail’, whereby, artists are invited to put on exhibitions in local churches. I was invited to show at St Nicholas church, in the village of St Nicholas or Tremarchog to give it its true welsh name, in Pembrokeshire.  I placed about 20 of these little sparrows around the church for people to discover. Each one painted on old floor boards. I wanted to question the nature of and our perception of, ‘worth’. And how we value that worth? The ubiquitous, brown little sparrow is the lowliest of all the birds. Because of their commonness, they were once considered pretty much worthless, in fact two sparrows, in biblical times, could be bought for the equivalent of a penny. Each Sparrow is painted on reclaimed wood with a penny attached and comes  with a copy of the full ‘Premise’, for the exhibition, a certificate of authenticity and information about the beautiful ancient church of St Nicholas.



Painted on reclaimed wood with oil/mixed media.

approximately 12.5cm x 12.5cm pieces

Price includes shipping within the UK

This is one of the original Sparrow images from the very first exhibition and is only available online through our website. I paint this sparrow and number 3 sparrow only when they are ordered. So if you order this sparrow, rather like a commission, I will be painting him especially for you. He will be the same but unique. He takes a couple of days to complete, so I can get him to you within a week.