St Nicholas Sparrow 3


Sparrow 1 and Sparrow 3 are only available online. They were part of the original Exhibition at St Nicholas in Pembrokeshire. I only paint them to order. So, if you’d like me to paint sparrow 3, rather like a commission, I shall be painting her especially for you. She will be the same as shown but ‘unique’ in the sense that it will be a bespoke painting. Sparrow 1 and 3, were a pair of house sparrows that I photographed nesting in the eves of our house in 2017. Sparrows still nest there each year. I’d like to think the offspring keep coming back! I never gave them names, I’ll leave that to you! Oh! and they take a couple of days to complete, so you should get her within a week to ten days.



Oil/mixed media on reclaimed wood

these 12.5cm x 12.5cm pieces

Price includes shipping within the UK