X Trinity Quay and Penyaber, Solva harbour. sold

Penyaber is a little cluster of houses nestled above Trinity Quay, in Solva, where our Gallery is situated. I love the little terrace of houses hunkered in the shelter of the Harbour, all ‘Cwtched’ up as we say in Wales. This was painted on a falling Spring tide in June 2018. It was a bright and fresh morning, with the promise of a fine day ahead. I would often get up early, fill a flask with coffee, grab my painting gear and walk along the ‘Gribin’ to this spot. When the tide covers the shore, there is a little path leading down some stone steps to a tiny wharf and it is here on mornings like this, before the sun arrived in the valley, that I would carelessly paint. Looking back, I realise what a privilege this was. At the time I remember feeling so lucky to be following my passion and doing what I loved. I had started painting full time a couple years before, leaving a “proper Job”, (what ever that is!) to concentrate on painting and running my own Gallery. The transition was sticky. I felt a bit useless to be honest and guilty in a way, like it wasn’t really work. I didn’t have a clue about running my own business and I felt a bit of a fraud. But, on mornings like this, I would loose myself for an hour or so, just me, my paints, the sunrise in the valley, the cry of gulls and the beauty of Solva. I’ve learned and I’m still learning to accept and welcome and be thankful for days like these, they are at the core of what I do. I’d be lying if I said they were the staple of my days work, they aren’t, there’s the “Proper Job” aspect too. But when self doubt creeps in or I’m too caught up in the Gallery, I try to get out with my brushes; and on a morning like this, allow myself to get back to basics, get back to Solva and simply paint.



36″ x 36″

Oil on deep edged canvas. Unframed. (Deep edged canvases are designed to be hung without frames, the depth is 40mm as apposed to standard18mm canvases)

Sale price includes UK Delivery. This painting is sold unframed, but if you want it framed just let me know. (cost of frame not included)in sale price.